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Walker Family Events Foundation (WFEF) was founded in 2019 by me, Tia, and my husband, Dan, out of a shared passion for philanthropy and community activism.

I am a lifelong resident of Compton, California, and a Compton High School alumna. I have always had a strong desire to see economic, social, and educational opportunities be made available to the Compton community and other marginal communities in Southern California, as well as across the country. My passion is helping veterans. I have many years of professional experience both in the federal and non-profit sectors as a caseworker specializing in veterans' issues. Several members of my family and many of my friends are veterans and I have seen first-hand the frustration that is common among veterans trying to navigate the VA system. Patricia's Project is named in tribute to my late mother, a U.S. Air Force veteran.


Dan is a transplant from the state of Washington. He is a well-respected FEI Reliability Inspector in the oil and gas industry in Southern California and has traveled and worked all over the country. He has years of non-profit organization experience in his Western Washington home town as well as in the Greater Los Angeles area. Dan is very generous and lends his time and construction skills in the service of others.


Seeing the impact of the global pandemic on at-risk and vulnerable people, we shifted our primary focus to creating the Veterans emergency COVID-19 Response Fund to address the needs of our veterans in the Southern California community and their families. Food insecurity and homelessness is increasing rapidly among veterans.


America has a long way to go in overhauling a broken system that undermines and undervalues those who have sacrificed everything in service to our country in the military.


We produce our fundraising events and create opportunities for developing and sustaining lasting partnerships between residents, local organizations, academic institutions, and government. Our events help to promote Social Cohesion by providing an environment conducive to positive interactions and open communication between families and the agencies that service their community. Funds raised at our community partnership events are used to fund grants and scholarships, and other projects that work to address the needs of our community.


In addition to our generous sponsors and donors, Walker Family Events Foundation is privately funded by a portion of proceeds from our family-owned business, Walker Family Events, LLC, an industrial supply company.


We actively volunteer in the community with our children and donate to various worthy causes.

Social Cohesion Program

What is Social Cohesion?

Social Cohesion refers to the strength of relationships and the sense of solidarity among members of a community. (healthypeople.gov)


We believe that Social Cohesion is the most effective method in supporting members of local communities.


Our program aims to support grassroots organizations in the city of Compton and surrounding areas with a proven track record of serving veterans and their families, and other at-risk communities.



  • To educate the community on common veterans issues and barriers, and promote volunteerism and advocating for the rights and respectful treatment of veterans and their families by the VA system and other government entities

  • To promote trust among neighbors and promote the benefits of a strong community network on individuals and families

  • To proactively work towards building and improving community cohesion and trust, and encouraging respect, understanding, and activism in local communities

  • To proactively promote networking and understanding between people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds

  • To fund and promote local organizations which have proven to be active and positive community allies

  • To fund individuals and projects in the local community which have a worthy cause

Mailing Address: 335 E. Albertoni St., #200-321, Carson, CA 90746

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Walker Family Events Foundation (“WFEF”) is operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players Philanthropy Fund (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178), a Maryland charitable trust with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to WFEF are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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